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As seen on Ditty TV (Nashville) and PC TV (Utah)

Featured in Top 40 Charts Online Magazine and Broadway World Online Magazine

"Sweet, Sweet Time" Nominated for "Best Rock Album of the Year" by NMMA 2017

"Shades" single won "Best Rock Song of the Year" by Akademia Music Awards, L.A. 2017

"White Rabbit" Jefferson Airplane Cover  featuring Robyn Cage featured on Women of Substance Radio 2017

Short Description

Americana Rock band, Gleewood, grooves through blues, folk, and rock 'n' roll, Jhett and Callie Sioux's lyrics lend a story to folk and roots music enthusiasts and bring an energy that swells into dynamic jams pumped from the heart of the psychedelic 60s.

For 6 years the group has played over 1,000 shows across Europe and the United States bringing a fresh face to Folk Rock music, their albums have met with great reviews from all over the world.

Short Bio

Gleewood is a New Mexican husband/wife fronted Americana/folk rock band that grooves through blues, folk, and rock 'n' roll. Jhett and Callie Sioux's lyrics lend a story to folk and roots music enthusiasts and bring an energy that swells into dynamic jams pumped from the heart of the psychedelic 60s. Though both fourth generation New Mexican, it was after Jhett Schiavone began his acoustic songwriting in Hawaii that he met, married, and began writing with western desert flower, Callie Sioux.

Gleewood has averaged more than 200 shows per year since their first album release in November 2013 and has opened for number of acts including, Southern Rock legends: The Marshall Tucker Band and today's Psychedelic Rock authorities: Radio Moscow. While their new album, "Sweet, Sweet Time," makes obvious nostalgic nods to vintage folk rock bands like The Animals, Buffalo Springfield, and Lindisfarne, it courteously dismisses boundaries with dynamic and progressive songwriting. Garbed in silver, turquoise, and denim, Gleewood leads with vocal ingenuity and an uplifting stage presence to bring a southwestern patina to the good, the bad, and the blues. Gleewood’s latest work was released in by M & O Music (FR) in Europe September 2018 which includes a "Sweet, Sweet Time" Deluxe addition. 

"Whiskey Sue" As seen on Ditty TV  and featured in AXS Online Magazine

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What other people are saying

Alibi Weekly - Albuquerque, NM

June 27th, 2019

“Their new record dropped on June 12. It’s a single titled “Superstition” and tours the sharp edges of mental illness and addiction with a deft directness and dusky melodics.

Inflected by the literature of the southlands—you know like Faulkner and Oates—and informed by the hot as hell guitar cult that emanates outta Tejas and has, over the years, infected much of the rocanrol being made from New Mexico to Califas with its slithery ways. Gleewood is the sort of band that makes songs out of a mixture of dreams seen through an old teevee, a cunningly deployed distortion pedal and gravel from the rough road forward. Jhett’s haunting baritone adds another level of mystery while yielding fantastic harmonies with his mezzo wife and partner.”

August March - Music Interview

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Fade to Grey Interview

December 24th, 2018

Jhett and Callie Sioux with Gleewood sat down with Fade To Grey podcast to discuss the challenges of married life + touring, sharing a message with their music and premiering their new song, “White Snow” Take a listen below and don’t forget to share & subscribe.

united rock nations - france

September 21, 2018

A une semaine de la sortie du nouvel album de Gleewood, intitulé "Sweet, Sweet Time" (28 septembre 2018, M&O Music), United Rock Nations vous propose de découvrir en avant-première le titre 'Shades'.

Gleewood est un groupe Americana Rock dirigé par des époux et des femmes qui sillonnent le blues, le folk et le rock'n'roll. Les paroles de Jhett et Callie Sioux prêtent une histoire aux amateurs de musique roots tout en apportant une énergie qui se gonfle dans des jams dynamiques pompés du coeur des soixante psychédéliques. Bien que tous deux du Nouveau-Mexique, c'est après que Jhett a commencé son écriture à Hawaii qu'il a rencontré, s'est marié et a commencé à écrire avec la fleur du désert occidental, Callie Sioux. Le groupe a maintenu en moyenne plus de 200 concerts par an depuis 2013.

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among the living - france

September 12, 2018

Sweet, Sweet Time , nouvel opus de GLEEWOOD est une véritable invitation au voyage, pour traverser le grand ouest américain, au son d’une musique plongeant ses racines dans un terreau folk teinté de rock et fondamentalement Americana.
Jhett et Callie Sioux nous emmènent sur la route, de celle qu’ils ne quittent que très rarement, jalonnée de ces 200 concerts annuels, au son de deux voix complémentaires et apaisantes. 
Callie Sioux donne la réplique à la voix de barbiton de Jhett Schiavone sur fond de musique parfois acoustique, et à d’autres moments électrique, mais toujours résolument et puissamment Roots.

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September 15, 2018

Disponible depuis 2016 aux Etats-Unis, " Sweet, Sweet Time " profite de sa sortie européenne via M & O Music pour se voir gratifier de 2 titres supplémentaires en fin d'album. Mais avant d'en arriver là, découvrons déjà ce que GLEEWOOD nous réserve.
Après une brève introduction, " Tick Tock ", on découvre un univers n'hésitant pas à mêler la facette parfois calme et surtout mélancolique que la folk peut laisser songer, à un rock hyper puissant. On retrouve ainsi une grande quantité de morceaux mêlant les 2 d'une manière pas si courante, tant les 2 mondes s'étirent, pour mieux se rassembler. 

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Studio Rock - France

September 13, 2018

“Gleewood is a folk, blues and rock'n roll group with a good taste of vintage. 
The lyrics of Jhett and Callie Sioux appeal to fans of folk and roots music everywhere. The group has an ascending but also dynamic energy pumped into the heart of the psychedelic 60s. Gleewood has played more than 200 shows a year since the release of their first album in November 2013 and now here is their new album, "Sweet, Sweet Time.” The album is tinged with a nostalgic nod to vintage rock bands such as The Animals, Buffalo Springfield and Lindisfarne. 

The album exudes a magical atmosphere; it is very captivating. The opening, "Tick Tock," contains a very soft guitar which leads to a groove that Gleewood knows how to perfectly manage.”

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rempart radio - france

September 18, 2018

"Thousands of kilometers and nearly a thousand concerts later, Jhett and Callie Sioux finally come out of their tourbus and back into the studio to file the second full album of "Gleewood." Their acoustic roots have been electrified and reassembled through hot tubes to produce their most diversified and dynamic release possible. Gleewood discovers themself in acoustic folk music as progressive folk rock firmly established in today's Americana music scene. Jhett Schiavone's sturdy and powerful bass-baritone voice mingles with Callie Sioux's clear high soprano to deliver timeless sound through the vintage canvas of their instrumentation."

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against the silence - M&O music

September 03, 2018

“A lot of people don’t seem to realise that every sort of creation isn’t separated from its creator, at least to the degree that one wants to comprehend and analyse its code and it’s the critic’s job to bring out this hidden connection. In a time that style seems to be the only thing that matters and the creator’s background is of low importance, it is an artist’s key strength to carry a personal story, imprinting it to the creation. In this case, if I was to present Gleewood as a blues/rock/folk act, I would only reveal one small fragment of the truth, but if I give you some details about the way they choose to live, you may realise new depths and dimensions of their music. So this is actually the presentation of a big journey.

After some time in Hawaii, Jhett and Callie Sioux Chiavone met each other, fell in love and got married back in their home, New Mexico, US. With her playing the bass, him playing the guitar and both of them having beautiful voices, they started composing their songs with their minds and fingers focused on their country’s wide musical tradition: folk, blues, country, rock n roll, the psychedelic ’60s, progressive rock. And then, instead of choosing to settle down and live a typical life, they decided to embark on a journey without any obvious destination, carrying only their instruments on their backs. For a while now, they have been travelling from country to country playing their music wherever there are people willing to listen. No matter if it is on the streets, at squares, basements, bars or venues, they play their music as they go on living their lives of no concrete tomorrows. So, this is how I met them myself, while they were travelling through our small city, here in Western Europe. I’ve seen them many times playing on the streets under the sun or under the rain and their bluesy tales always sounded reckless and happy. This is the quintessence of Sweet, sweet time: it is a fingerprint, a Polaroid, a true diary of two loving humans that are always ready to speak about the hot sun and the beautiful mountains of their home, about good people, God and great music.”

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Featured in cara aerlingus magazine -

July 2018


TJ- Concerts -

March 20, 2018

"We are proud and happy to announce that Gleewood will be working with us from 2019 and onwards!
We are looking forward to set up some great tours together!"

Pagosa Now - Leona St. Lewis

March 08, 2018

"As traveling musicians Jhett and Callie Sioux have seen the world like so many can only dream. Their experiences show in the talent of their music.  Even with their hectic schedule, Callie Sioux took the time to talk with us."

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Broadway World - John in Houston PR

August 30, 2017

Starting on September 16th and running through October 8th the complete band will perform for European music fans at the most popular venues across the continent. Show dates include Mariehamn, Stockholm, Kobenhavn, Lubeck, Luneburg, Hamburg, Munchen, Clenze, Bergedorf, Hanover, Berlin, Chemnitz, Antwerp, Londerzeel, and Amsterdam.


Read more here -

August 01, 2017

Exclusive interview with the lovely folks at for their musicians blog. Traxx24 is based out of Berlin, Germany. 

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The Akademia Music Awards - webhost

July 15, 2017

"Shades" from Gleewood's new album, "Sweet, Sweet Time" has won Best Rock Song by The Akademia Music Awards, L.A.


'This mid-tempo rocker takes the time to make its case by vocal and instrumental eloquence - 'Shades' extends a vital crossover tradition in music with laudable verve.'

Listen here

Grateful Web - Janie Franz

August 18, 2017

"Their version of “The House of the Rising Sun” was eerie. A Gleewood original, “Whiskey Sue” was a ballad where Jhett and Callie switched vocal leads, taking on the parts of the man and woman in the song. It was a nice bit of theater. Another moment of theater happened when everyone in the band took off their hats and headbanged. Callie even stepped up on the drum platform so she could rock out. Since there’s a lot of long manes on the guys and shorter moptops on the ladies, this was quite a show. Though Gleewood rocks hard, it does a lot of story songs that speak of life and living and hope. If you can get a chance to see these guys live, please do."

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Top 40 Charts New York, NY - John in Houston PR

August 30, 2017

Today, John in Houston PR LLC announced that resident New Mexico Americana Folk group Gleewood™ would embark on a month long six country, fifteen city European performance tour. The group famously known for its aggressive performance schedule of 800 shows to date is not slowing down.


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The Spokane Spokesman Review - Staff Reports

June 21, 2017

"The second concert will be July 28 with the Gleewood Band from New Mexico. Their album, “Sweet, Sweet Time,” was nominated for best rock album of the year in New Mexico.

One reviewer said the band on the album “flows seamlessly from psychedelic rock with blues elements to folk rock,” according to a news release."

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Sweet Salt Records - Tom Bennett

May 01, 2017

Album Review
Band: Gleewood
Album: Sweet, Sweet Time
Compares to: Steppenwolf, The White Stripes, The Mamas & The Papas, Nancy Sinatra

Ruidoso New Mexico husband and wife duo, Gleewood has released their full length album Sweet, Sweet Time. I threw this album on while on a drive up I-15 through the middle of Utah. I found myself instantly rocking out and reaching for my notepad. I knew I was going to have to write a review.

This album exhibits mastery! The band flows seamlessly from psychedelic rock with blues elements to folk rock. While the album captures Gleewood in all their live glory it also has those beautiful touches of time well spend in the studio. The details were not neglected. This album is a community effort, it was recorded by Klas Ahman & Richard Cagle and mixed and mastered by Rick Parker. It features many musicians from the broad scope of Gleewood's travels including Donny Marling and Josh Landry on percussion, Corina Meeks on fiddle, Robin Scott and Walt Evans on guitar and myself, Tom Bennett on harmonica.

The album begins with "Tick Tock" a little instrumental ditty that warms up your ears for the journey you're about to take. Title track "Sweet, Sweet Time" starts off the album with some of that Southern swagger that Gleewood has picked up touring the South. It is a 60's style, sun soaked groove. "Shades" is a rowdy and rough track. It's a little witchy!

Gleewood standard "Whiskey Sue" is quite the engaging tale.The story of Jhett's (vocals, guitar, Irish bouzouki) Great Grandpa who was a moonshine runner. I have heard the song many times live, but this album version is flawless. The guitar tones are rich and haunting. My favorite part of the song is where Callie Sioux's (bass, vocals, harmonica) voice rises into a lofty crescendo as Jhett's guitar soars to meet it. The whole song then dives into a foggy, spooky tripped out breakdown.

Whiskey Sue marks a transition, as the album moves into more folk rock territory. A couple of classic cover songs appear including "House Of The Rising Sun" and "Summer Wine."

I visited Gleewood in Ruidoso last summer and was lucky enough to employ my harmonica on the song "Of Mountains and Friends" I was floored to hear the way it came together. It's a very lively song that well matches it name. Joyful, is the main word that comes to mind.

"A Fall Ballad" the second from the last song showcases Gleewood's ability to slow things down and share beautiful life lessons. The song address mortality in a beautiful conversation between a young boy and an old man who are watching fall leaves. It's delivered in perfect Gleewood style as the band are devout Christians, however, the kind who are more given to living their faith that preaching it.

The album closes with "Runnin' From The Man" 
This song features Gleewood as the great duo they are. Jhett & Callie Sioux thrive with a full band, but they really rock as a two piece as well. I was happy to see them show that here. 
The song ends with an amazing vocal harmony that really demonstrates that Callie Sioux has found her voice. I can't say I've ever heard an album end better. I listened to this album start to finish 3 times the first two days I had it and I can't wait to make it the soundtrack of my summer travels.

Tom Bennett

Musician/ Booker/ Author/ Sweet Salt Records

Ruidoso News - Michelle L. Huey

April 12, 2017

"Sweet, Sweet Time", Nominated for Best Rock Album of the Year by New Mexico Music Awards 2017

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Desert Exposure- Las Cruces, NM - Marty Racine

February 01, 2017

"There's a petite ginger-haired songstress [Callie Sioux of Gleewood band] who can field-dress an elk by day and sing by night like Nancy Sinatra. There's a 6-foot-5, blond [Jhett Schiavone of Gleewood band] who dresses like Cochise and sings like a 70 year-old bluesman on a front porch in Clarksdale, Mississippi"

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AXS - Michelle Lavallee

December 24, 2016

"On Dec. 20, the husband and wife team of Jhett and Callie Sioux Schiavone , known as singing duo Gleewood, announced that their new Americana music video “Whiskey Sue” is set to stream on Ditty TV later this month.  Ditty TV has identified Dec. 21 at 11:00 p.m. CST as the premiere date of the video. The next day, Dec. 22, the network will broadcast Gleewood’s new "Whiskey Sue" music video again at 11:00 a.m CST."

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Top 40 Charts New York, NY -

November 15, 2016

"A deep bass voice meets a good looking tenor and instantly they knew they were from two different worlds. They also knew this new found fire wasn't going out."

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Why We Listen- L.A. - Francisco Deppe

October 19, 2016

"I'll be honest, I'm loving what I hear!

Described before as "Coffee and Cream" and I can't help but agree; but even then I think that's a bit watered down. If it's a Gleewood morning I'll take my Coffee and Cream with an extra shot of "Whiskey Sue." ; ) "

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Ruidoso News- Ruidoso, NM - Michelle L. Huey

July 13, 2016

"The pair seems to feed off of the insanity and their music, which has always had an eclectic, fun sound, and that now carries with it a maturity that only life experience can give."

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Brandon Scott- Promoter/ Booker- Wichita Falls, TX

May 20, 2016

"THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I had the pleasure to see them live back in the fall of 2015 and then I had the pleasure of booking them myself to play this spring of 2016 at a venue I book bands for. I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE GLEEWOOD BACK!!! Austin TX get out and go see GLEEWOOD you will not be disappointed!!!"

Facebook - Lochlann Green- KA Radio

March 06, 2017

"Hailing all the way from Ruidoso NM, one of today’s finest hard-working Americana Folk-Rock Husband/Wife Duos you will ever meet, returns with their brilliant new album “Sweet, Sweet Time”.

Who are they? They are Gleewood, and that’s a name you can count on seeing around for ages to come. They are pleasantly-dangerous and will consume you with their rhythm and grooves like a Ruidoso Fire while you desperately gasp your last breath of the mainstream world and into the Heavens of Indie music.

“Sweet, Sweet Time” is definitely an album to be experienced live, you will be forever blessed to have met both Callie and Jhett in person, whether it be between sets or having a few laughs and drinks after a show. Armed with a set consisting of two albums worth of songs, traditionals, covers, and many hearty tour-stories from the road, they will take you into their wonderful home on stage for three hours and you will have one of the best experiences you’ve ever had in your life for several lifetimes to come."

-Lochlann Green “From Texas And Beyond” KA-Radio 

Read more here 

Vision Magazine - Christina Stock

December 15, 2016

"This album has been a long time coming and thats why its titled, 'Sweet, Sweet Time.'"

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Ruidoso News For Vamonos - Michelle L. Huey

December 07, 2016

"Since the release of their self-titled album, "Gleewood," their style has evolved form that original rootsy, acoustic sound into a more electric groove."

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Grateful Web- Colorado - Janie Franz

August 26, 2016

"Gleewood turned out to be a powerhouse Americana band, offering up traditional sounding tunes to folk to rock..."

 Read more here

Desert Pulse- St. George, Utah - George Scott and Tom Bennett

August 05, 2016

"Bennett says you cannot go anywhere in New Mexico without meeting fans and friends of Gleewood."

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Project-Day Break - PANTHERA

January 31, 2016


"Whiskey Sue" Is A Rock Narrative About Jhett's (Guitar/Vocalist) Great Grandfather Running Whiskey Moonshine Into New York During The Prohibition Era. This Is A Deep And Bluesy Song. It´S Catchy Since The First Seconds. This Is Straight To The Point And Direct To The Heart Song. Great Job Guys! 

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